Unlock the SECRETS to Activate Your True Purpose, Speak Your Truth and 
Unlock the SECRETS to Activate Your True Purpose, Speak Your Truth and 
Create The Life You Love
Create The Life You Love
Our Clients Made Major Breakthroughs and Discovered Their Voices!

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3 Simple Ways You Can Activate Your Purpose, Use Your Voice and Get Paid To Speak

Create Loving & Fun Relationships with Like-Minded People
Create a Great Romantic Relationship
Skyrocket Your Creativity & Manifest Extraordinary Results
"Focus’ commitment and tenacity is evident in her ability to drive results with a holistic and uplifting approach. Thank you Focus for helping this purple rose bloom and shine!""
Rosa M. Howze

Adrienne Conyers-Bey
Trauma & Resilience Coach

Paige & John Beckwith
Singing Life Coach for Couples

"I was always in the back burner, I am no longer going to allow that.  I discovered my voice and Focus helped me activate my true purpose in life."
Lavon Howard
Jaméra Winchester, M.Ed.
"The sessions provided us with a safe space to be vulnerable, open and transparent in our journeys, while learning from each other along the way. It was a very enlightening, transformative and healing experience! I recommend this session to any and everyone who is interested in learning more about the experiences that make them who they are so they can turn their pain into purpose!"
Jaméra Winchester, M.Ed.
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