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Lavon Howard

I took this Activate Your Purpose with Focus James.  I never thought in 2020 during a pandemic that I would do something uncomfortable and outside the box and take a online course. 

At first I was nervous and unsure but as each session continued, I feel more connected to me and my life experiences how my purpose was born. I thought I had my purpose altogether but after this course my purpose has been modified and extended. Two assignments changed my perspective: 

1) writing a letter that you needed to forgive and/or share your feelings with, I wrote a letter to my mother and it was like a burden leaving my heart forever; 

2) the 5 things that impacted us which led to our purpose. It was powerful to express my thoughts but to relive what was in my mind at the time those happened. I felt healed by doing this. 

Focus is a GREAT facilitator and the classmates were exceptional and very transparent, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I highly recommend that someone take this course. Trust me it is life and purpose changing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

Lastly, I did this course with the love of my life and we have both grown from this and make us better individuals and a better couple now and in the future.

Lavon Howard
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